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PR - Sustainable Agriculture, Good Farming Practices And Application Of Quality Assurance Schemes In Dairy Sector (p307-315)

Good farming practices are part of EU policies to stimulate sustainability in agriculture. This is part of the so called Cross-Compliance conditions. To enhance social responsible behavior quality assurance schemes are in operation including good farming practices. Practices and product characteristics are included that are considered relevant to society and consumers. A method will be explained that identifies strategies to improve the transparency of the supply chain with respect to corporate social responsibility. However, a consumer study illustrates that public opinions towards product characteristics do not necessarily reflect the consumers’ behavior in the market place. A field example of good farming practices will be presented.

Key words: farm practices, quality assurance schemes, social responsibility

The Netherlands

Author(s): Kuipers A. (1), Verhees J.H.M. ( 1)

Organization(s): Wageningen University (1)

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