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PR - Vocational Reorientation Of Farmers And Members Of Their Families – A New Challenge For Rural Poland

In view of inability of most of the farms in Poland to develop, there arises a big social problem connected with the necessity to hunt for additional main sources of incomes outside farming. This problem was the subject matter of the studies conducted in the Mogilno poviat, which belongs to typical agrarian poviats. These studies aimed at recognizing farmers’ and household members’ readiness by vocational reorientation. It results from the conducted studies, that 66% of respondents’ answers are rather no and decisively no. The fact that on farms up to 5 ha as many as 61% respondents do not want to take up reorientation is particularly alarming. Analyzing main problems why farmers do not want to reskill to another profession , those pooled mention the lack of time connected with excess of work on a farm. Lack of financial means is an important argument, as well as a big distance from educational centres. On the other hand women stress the necessity of care over children and elder persons. However, special attention should be paid to the lack of belief among these polled ones, that they would get a job – it is the opinion of 1/3 of respondents. The results of the poll studies were a kind of inspiration to commence started from 2009, the realization of the regional programme of vocational reorientation in Kujawsko-Pomeranian Province, the effects of which have also been presented in this article.

Keywords: differentiation of farms’ situation, vocational reorientation of farmers and members of their families, awareness and motivation of taking up a job, readiness to hunt for a job, problems while trying to get a job Poland


Author(s): Kamiński R. (1), Sass R. ( 1)

Organization(s): Institute of Rural and Agricultural Developmrnt PAS (1), Kujawsko-Pomorski Agricultural Advisory Centre in Minikowo (2), Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz (3)

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