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Problems And Perspectives For Agricultural Economics Education In Bulgaria

The paper presents the changes in education of agricultural economics in Bulgaria in the transition period and makes evaluation of basic problems of education. Agricultural economics education in Bulgaria had eighty years tradition and experience. The paper includes three parts – experience, problems and future. The first part shows three periods of historical development and experience of agricultural economics education till 1990: *1921 – 1949 in Sofia State University; *1949 – 1976 in Higher agricultural institute in Sofia; *1976 – 1990 in Higher economics institute in Sofia. The second part contains analysis and evaluation of main problems in education in several directions: * Programs for education and textbooks; * Qualification of lectures; * Problems with new computers and products: * Transition period in high education from one to three degrees system (bachelor, master, doctor. The last section shows tendencies for improvement of the education with regard to Bulgaria`s integration with European Union.

Author(s): Doitchinova Julia (1), Kanchev Ivan ( 1)

Organization(s): University of National and World Economy Department “Agribusiness” Sofia (1)

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