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Reduce The Nitrogen Loss And Maintain The Income - The Economics Of Manure Handling

In this paper, an economic analysis of different ways to cover the slurry tank and apply the slurry to the field has been carried out. It is found that covering slurry tanks with ei-ther straw or a floating lid is profitable. New field application techniques have become more profitable since an N-norm of 10% under the economic optimum was adopted in Denmark. This has increased the shadow price of nitrogen. When applying animal ma-nure, injection is a profitable alternative to trailing hoses in spring crops before sowing and in many forage crops, as it gives higher yields and sometimes also higher protein content. Injection of animal manure can in some cases eliminate the negative economic effect of a nitrogen norm. There are no clear advantages of using injection in winter crops, but it is a technique that more Danish farms will use in the years to come. The paper finishes by outlining different whole manure chain systems where for example separation techniques will be analysed further. Theses systems are constructed in order to ensure that the nutrients are maintained in the different links of the N-chain.

Author(s): Jacobsen Brian H. (1)

Organization(s): Danish Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Economics Copenhagn (1)

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