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PR - Review Of Quality Of Life Influential Factors Among Irish Farm Families Reporting Disability

Quality of Life is influenced by a number of key influential factors (happiness; family life; health, and finances). The current literature pertaining to these Quality of Life factors were reviewed to examine if any variation existed among farm families experiencing disability relative to the general farm population. Almost 10% of Irish farm families experience disability. The principal cause of disability among farm families is often health-related. While farm families feel that farming is a good way of life, the experience of disability can add considerable strain on family life and relationships. Farm families experiencing disability recorded lower family farm incomes and lower participation in off-farm employment. Service and support provision was a concern for farm families experiencing disability. It is imperative the restrictive nature of disability is minimised for farm families. Improved service/support provisions for farm families reporting disability are required for this to be achieved.

Keywords: Disability, Quality of life, farm families.


Author(s): Kinsella A. (1), McNamara J. ( 1), Ruane D.J. ( 1), Whelan S. ( 1)

Organization(s): School of Agriculture Food Science and Veterinary Medicine Belfield Dublin (1), Teagasc Rural Economy Research Centre Athenry Co. Galway (2), Teagasc Kildalton College Piltown Co. Kilkenny (3)

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