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Role Of Customers’ Demands And Environment In Priorities Of Development Among Young Farmers

The level of a country’s long-term food-supply and agricultural export is basically determined by the agricultural and food industrial investments. In Hungary the level of the agricultural output have decreased considerably in the previous years, and the investments have dropped drastically at the beginning and in the middle of the 1990s. In the following years it is an important task to realize the missing developments, especially as our agriculture needs significant projects to comply with the increasing demands. It is necessary not only to increase the output, but also to improve the quality of the production and the products, because it is more and more important to supply the costumers with good-quality product both in the export and in the internal supply. In the agricultural production the environmental protection also plays an increasingly significant role. The purpose of joining European Union is increasing the importance of the environmental protection, because we have to orient to the exacting requirements of the EU. Hungarian government also realized the significance of subsidies in implanting investments, so it helps the farmers to accomplish their development plans. Through subsidies farmers should be inspired by government. On the basis of my studies I would like to answer the next two questions: • How significant parts are the costumers´ demands and environmental protection in planning developments among young farmers? • What requirements have the competition in the connection with the environment and the quality of products?

Author(s): Csitári Melinda (1)

Organization(s): Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences Szent István University Gödöllő (1)

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