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Service Check On Pig And Cattle Farms – Establish The Visions

A service check for a farm is an interesting new way of advising farmers, which has proven very successful. The objective of a service check is to recognise potential im-provements in the production using a holistic approach. Often a service check will try to establish the overall goals for the farmer’s family, the farmer and the farm. In order to do so, the farm is systematically analysed in order to establish strengths, weaknesses and possible paths of development. These issues are normally neglected in the day-to-day contact between the farmer and the usual adviser, and even far-reaching decisions are often taken without a decent analysis of the strategic goals. A service check involves a joint visit, where two experienced advisors visit the farm to-gether. The advisors are normally an economic advisor and either a pig or cattle advi-sor, depending on the farm analysed. Usually, the farm’s normal advisors are not par-ticipating in the service check. The advisors bring an analysis of the economic and pro-ductivity data, and are presented to the farm. A normal service check will produce a report stating the current status, plans for the future and appointments for more specific advisory work that have been agreed upon. Despite the price of a service check, the product has been successful. Farmers achieve a better perspective of the strategic possibilities and limitations of their farm, and it be-comes possible to establish realistic long-term goals for the farm development. The clarity improves the farmer’s self-confidence and the pleasure of work. Advisors are also satisfied, since the farmer will often initiate new projects after the service check, which in turn increases the demand for advisory services.

Author(s): Andersen Rasmus (1), Rasmussen Heidi Hundrup ( 1), Wiborg Torben ( 1)

Organization(s): The Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre Aarhus (1)

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