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PR - Small Scale Ethanol Production - Study On Micro And Macro Economical Efficiency

Exhaustion of the stocks of tradition energy bases, increasing demand on energy, enhancement of atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gas effect mean also hence toward global challenges where works directed to their solution can not come to a sudden stop in spite of the economic crisis.

The fictions price decrease and demand decrease originating from it which may to experienced on the mineral oil market as well as the restricted national system of tools for subsidization may throw back the earlier high-rate of growth.

The subject of the present study is meant by Hungarian application of bioethanol, which may be ranked amongst agro fuels of first generation. The production in small scale system is justified by the possibility of reaching the optimum of logistic costs of the basic material, end- and by-products. Further by the possibility of the development of regional – and through this, the national equilibrium of annual breeding crop production and food supply. As another advance, it may be mentioned that a low capacity plant (up to 10 t/year output) can more elastically adapt itself to macro-environmental changes and by means of supplementary technologies (biogas power plant) may be transformed into self-supplying unit from point of view of energetics. Taking for basis a system keeping in view complexity requirement features of return of investment. The fluctuation of demand associated with the change in price of mineral oil means the connecting link between the macro and micro economic sides: in the former case its effect on the return of investment utile in the later justification of implication and effects of tax proceeds on constituted the subject of the analysis.


Author(s): Illes C.B. (1)

Organization(s): Szent István University (1)

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