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Social Sustainability In Dairy Farms. Roles And Actions Of The Professional Advisor In Reproductive Processes

The veterinary profession demands holistic and multidisciplinary views that include health, herd animal welfare, human resources, and economic analysis. In this line, it is argued that work can be motivating when it is carried out in accompaniment to human resources.

The objective of this work is to highlight, from the experiences of veterinarians, the aspects related to social sustainability in dairy farms and the new roles of the professional in the reproductive management of dairy cows.

Within this framework, the professional prepared in sociological, biosafety and epidemiological aspects must implement standard operating procedures, staff training and auditing of reproductive management practices, foster a teamwork approach and monitoring through indicators for performance analysis, as measures of good practices that add value to production processes and enrich the work of human resources.

Keywords: Veterinarian roles, reproduction, social sustainability, dairy farms, animal welfare, management.


Author(s): Sánchez Abrego D. (1), Dick A. (1), Pared S. (1)

Organization(s): Universidad Nacional del Centro (1)

ISBN Number: 978-1-80518-016-6