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CS - Space And Coordination In Strategy: The Case Of The GMO In France

In France, organizing the coexistence of GM and non-GM crop production areas requires the setting up of a governance of the land involving all the parties concerned. The form of governance has to allow coordination between rival grain elevator companies so that coordinated collective strategies are set up which allow coexistence.

Today, we find various methods of organization developing around these situations, resulting in the creation of coordination and commitment by those involved.

We will present two differing case studies, one from Alsace and another from south-western France, to illustrate this, and show the importance of space in strategic management generally, and in the relations between firms in particular.

Key words: GMO, France, strategic management, grain elevator companies, Space, territory, collective strategies, coordination, case studies.


Author(s): Assens C. (1), Coleno F-C. ( 1), Hannachi M. ( 1)

Organization(s): INRA France (1), LAREQUOI UVSQ (2)

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