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Strategic Approach To Farming Success

This paper is an abstract of a new book for farmers launched on April 8, 2005 (Nell & Napier, 2005). The two authors, Wim Nell of South Africa and Rob Napier of Australia, have respectively 28 and 37 years national and international experience in strategic agricultural management. The book is written for farmers across the world and is dedicated to all farmers. The book takes the reader on a strategic journey to farming success, which consists of 11 stages. At the end of each stage the reader has the opportunity to answer some questions that will guide the process of compiling a strategic plan for a specific farming business. The book opens new horizons for the modern farmer to manage the farming business more successfully. Keywords: Farming success, strategic approach, strategic farming, scenarios, holistic management.
South Africa

Author(s): Napier R.J. (1), Nell W. T. ( 1)

Organization(s): -Centre for Agricultural Management University of the Free State Bloemfontein (1), Napier Agrifutures (2)

ISBN Number: