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Strategies For Successfully Settling Farmers In South Africa

The South African government initiated the land reform program in 1994, which is facilitated by the Department of Land Affairs. The land reform programme has three divisions, namely redistribution, restitution and land tenure. The main objectives of land reform since its inception are poverty alleviation, justice, food security, rural transformation, economic growth and to readdress the landless, the poor, women, the disposed and the previously disadvantaged to acquire land. The question can be asked: Has land reform achieved its goals in the past 10 years since its inception? This paper outlines the concept of a strategic approach as described by Nell and. Napier (2005) to help successfully establish farmers in South Africa and also other strategies that the government can adopt to settle farmers successfully. Keywords: land reform, strategic approach, emerging farmers.
South Africa

Author(s): Mokhatla P.Z. (1), Nell W. T. ( 1)

Organization(s): Department of Agricultural Economics University of the Free State Bloemfontein (1)

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