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AP - The Effect Of Soil Conservation On Optimal Cropping Patterns In Kericho District, Kenya

Production and consumption activities are directed by multiple and conflicting goals. The objective of this study was to determine the changes in optimal resource utilization patterns arising from soil conservation. A purposive sample of 150 farmers was selected from three administrative divisions of Kericho district. Questionnaires were used to collect primary data needed for analysis. Pre-emptive goal-programming model was used to determine the optimal cropping patterns. Results showed that out of 20 basic cropping activities identified in the study area, 20% and 10% entered the optimal cropping program in conserved and eroded areas respectively. Shadow prices for fully utilized resources indicated that cost of production decreased if additional units of the fully utilized resources were used. The non-fully utilized resources included land and hired labor. In conclusion, it was evident that given the present structure of available resources, average households in study area could not fully meet their household goals.

Keywords: Goal-programming, optimal cropping patterns, soil conservation.


Author(s): Kipsat M.J. (1), Korir M.K. ( 1), Maritim H.K. ( 1), Nyangweso P.M ( 1), Okalebo J.O.K. ( 1), Oyasi S.S. ( 1), Serem A.K. ( 1)

Organization(s): Dept. of Agric. Economics & Resource Management Moi University Eldoret (1), Dept. of Soil Science Eldoret (2), Min. of Water & Irrigation Siaya District (3)

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