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The Impact Of Experience And Consumer Perceptions On Perceived Risk And Risk Reduction Behaviour: The Case Of Beef

This research examines perceived risk at the facet level (Psychological, Social, Performance, Safety, Health and Financial) and assesses the influence of consumer experience and perception of self (perceived ability, interest in product and interest in cooking), product (perceived product consistency), and environment (perceived confidence in the independent butcher) on these facets. It can be concluded that the influence of experience and perceptions varies by facet. However, perceived ability, confidence in the independent butcher and interest in beef were significant determinants of perceived risk for most risk facets while cooking interest, perceived consistency and experience were more risk facet specific. In the second section of this paper the use of risk relievers is considered. It is clear that consumer experience and perceptions also influence the level of use of risk relievers, for example those with more experience, who believe beef is consistent and are confident in their ability to select beef tend to use location more than others. It was concluded that the person’s views of themselves, of the product and of the purchase environment have a direct effect on their information search activity even for a relatively low involvement product. Keywords: Beef, safety, risk perceptions, Ireland.

Author(s): McCarthy M. (1)

Organization(s): National University of Ireland - University College Cork (1)

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