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AP - The Land Reform Process In South Africa With The Emphasis On Land Restitution

Ownership or title to land in many countries of the world is a very contentious topic. Wars and battles have been fought over these rights and have caused the demise and instability of many countries, particularly in Africa. South African democratic elections in 1994 produced a Land Reform policy to redress the injustices of forced removals and the historical denial of access to land of black people. A target has been set, 30% of all white owned land is to change hands to blacks by the year 2014. The 3 key elements of the Land Reform programme are 1) Restitution (Land Claims), 2) Redistribution and 3) Land Tenure. This paper will briefly touch on the processes of Redistribution and Land Tenure but will highlight many of the challenges of Restitution or Land Claims in South Africa.

Keywords: land reform, restitution, land claims, reconciliation and food security.

South Africa

Author(s): Gillitt C. (1), Thomson R. ( 1)

Organization(s): South African Cane Growers Association (1)

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