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AP - The Role Of Agriculture In The Rural Economy Challenges Facing Agriculture Today

The issues of farmland acquisition, tenure and succession are of great importance for agricultural families, their successors and the rural communities in which they live. As the age of farm/ranch operators increases, we see agricultural assets held in fewer and older hands. In the next 20 years, a majority of farm businesses will change hands. The transfer of a farm business requires assets, income and management be transferred to the successor generation. Methods of transferring assets and income are well documented. The process for transferring management is however more problematic. Recent research has shown this is to be an international issue. The authors will survey available educational material and teaching methods to select the best curriculum and practices to facilitate the transfer of management from the owner generation to the successor generation. Further, the authors will illustrate the teaching of the materials through a demonstration of the best practices.

Keywords: Succession, transfer, management, curriculum, practices, ageing.


Author(s): Baker J.R. (1)

Organization(s): Iowa State University & University of Nebraska (1)

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