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The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine: Agricultural Background, Development And Implications

From an agricultural perspective, both Ukraine and Russia have an interesting economic and agricultural development: First of all the breadbasket of Europe, later stagnation due to planned market economy, then new growth and large exports after the collapse of the Soviet Union, playing an important role in previous food crises - and now participants in a major political and military conflict with major potential consequences.

Russia and Ukraine are both major agricultural countries, and the war between the two countries has greatly affected the international markets for agriculture and food illustrated by rising prices and price volatility.

Both countries have again become very important exporters of cereals, and they have both previously had a significant impact on global food crises - in particular in 2010-11. Ukraine having favorable conditions for crop production has an important position in both the short and long term when it comes to supply of agricultural commodities on the international markets.

Keywords: Ukraine, Invasion, Agriculture, Development, Food crisis, Breadbasket.


Author(s): Hansen H.O. (1)

Organization(s): University of Copenhagen (1)

ISBN Number: 978-1-80518-015-9