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The Use Of Precision Farming Technologies In Crop Decision Making

Precision Farming Technologies are being used by an increasing number of farmers in eastern Australia. The adoption of these technologies has resulted in a change in some agronomic practices. This project examines how the technologies are being used. Global Positioning Systems are being employed most readily with significant economic benefit particularly in setting up controlled traffic systems and the banding application of chemicals and fertilisers. Awareness of the benefits of controlled traffic has increased the use of GPS. A secondary reason for high accuracy GPS is to give the farmers greater labour options due to the shortage of experienced machine operators. Yield monitors and maps are mainly used for zoning fields with farmers being cautious about their value until better tools for analysing variance become available. Variable rate technology is not being used in a systematic manner at the present time.

Author(s): Whiteley W.J. (1)

Organization(s): Faculty of Rural Management Orange. NSW (1), Sustainable Farm Management Group The University of Sydney (2)

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