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CS - Three Phase Feed-mix Optimization For Growing Pigs

The ability to be adaptable in the process of daily ration formulation demands handy tools to support their calculation. This paper presents an example of such a tool, which is based on a three phase optimization approach. In the first phase, a common linear program is utilized to formulate rations on a least-cost basis. In the second stage, a sub-model, which is based on weighted goal programming and supported by a system of penalty functions, is used to formulate a nutritionally balanced and economically acceptable ration. This ration relies upon the ration cost calculated in the first phase. In the last stage, the tool runs the first and the second phases several times with the intent of finding the most “efficient” energy content of the ration. The obtained results confirm the benefits of the applied approach. This model enables decision makers to find the optimal energy content of the pigs’ diets, which changes frequently due to rapidly fluctuated economic circumstances.


Author(s): Kavčič S. (1), Žgajnar J. ( 1)

Organization(s): University of Ljubljana (1)

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