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Trends And Future Perspectives Of Organized Farms In Japan

This paper discussed the types of farm enterprises, recent trends of them entry into and establishment of farming business in Japan. The cooperative farm corporations (CFCs) that are controlled by the Agricultural Cooperatives Act have been distinguished from the enterprises that are controlled by the Code of Commerce. Distinctions and characteristics are evaluated along the historical backgrounds. Not many but young willing farmers are increasingly converting their business form into CFCs and expanding business size either by horizontal or vertical ways. Agribusiness enterprises are entering to include the production. However, their interest products are limited. Particularly staple food supply is entrusted much to CFCs and traditional family farms as usual. Emphasis must be placed to encourage CFCs since CFCs play important public roles in the rural community. One suggestion is to make arrangements so that CFCs can join enterprises and work together complementary.

Author(s): Nagaki Masakazu (1)

Organization(s): Department of Agriculture & Agribusiness Economics University of Tsukuba (1)

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