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Uptake Of Sexed Semen By UK Suckler Beef Producers

Dairy farmers have been able to use sexed semen from dairy breeds to pre-determine the sex of calves since 2000, sexed
semen from beef bulls is not currently commercially available, but is expected within 2 years. A survey of a stratified
random sample of suckler cow farmers is used to identify the potential uptake of sexed semen when it becomes available
using a logistic limited dependent variable model to identify different characteristics between farmers who intend to use
sexed semen and those who do not. Herd size, the perception of the quality of bulls used to produce sexed semen,
anticipated problems using AI, concern over conception rates, the cost and profitability of using sexed semen and herd
replacement policy are found to be the major factors that will influence uptake. The relative importance of each
constraint is shown, and approaches to reduce these constraints discussed.


Author(s): Beard A.P. (1), Franks Dr J.R. ( 1), Telford D.J. ( 1)

Organization(s): Organization: University of Newcastle (1)

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