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AP - Vibrant Agricultural Management Messages From Africa

Sub-Saharan Africans are often frustrated by bad news emanating from their continent, including mismanagement stories and prognoses of agricultural failure. While acknowledging the huge challenges facing Africa, this Paper (widely illustrated from several African countries) seeks to identify key factors involved in a range of agricultural management practices and contextual realities which are actually successful and offer further potential. Innovative and sustainable management practices are pursued in Africa with vigour in many places, affecting soils, crops and animals through mixed cropping, conservation farming, groupwork, multiprofessionality, part-time farming, use of mobile telephones in farm produce marketing and various strategies for food security through strengthening local Food Chains.

Keywords: Africa, sustainability, management.


Author(s): Wibberley J. (1)

Organization(s): Royal Agricultural College Cirencester Gloucestershire (1)

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