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PR - Women's Accessibility To Credit From Selected Commercial Banks For Poverty Reduction In South East Nigeria

The study examined women’s accessibility to credit from selected commercial banks for poverty reduction in south-east Nigeria. Hypothesis tested was that socioeconomic variables do not significantly influence women’s access to credit. Primary data were obtained from three commercial banks.

Three bank officers and 95 women were administered with questionnaire to obtain information. Descriptive and logit analytical tools were used to analyse the data. The field data showed that apart from banks, the women sourced credit from nine other sources such as relatives, cooperatives, and women associations. In granting loans, the banks considered mostly ownership of account with bank, character of borrower and experience in the business.

Apart from farming, the women invested the loan on trading on manufactured goods, palm oil and kernel processing and operating maternity homes. The respondents had 65% access to bank loan with repayment performance of 90.26%. The logit regression analysis showed that socio economic factors significantly influenced the women’s access to credit.

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Key Words: Women Access, Repayment Performance, Poverty Reduction.


Author(s): Eze C.C. (1), Ibekwe U.C. ( 1), Korie O.C. ( 1)

Organization(s): Federal University of Technology (1)

ISBN Number: